Acacia Wood 3

♥This decorative Acacia wood tray makes for beautiful home decor and functional art
♥Can be used as a trinket dish for jewelry and keys, or a decorative element to hold candles and small plants
♥Made with food safe resin for artsy dinner displays!
♥12″ x 6″
♥No two pieces are the same! Guaranteed authenticity
♥Want something similar? Commissions are available!
♥Your feedback is important! Please contact me about any problems with your order.

$150.00 $79.99

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* authentic & unique art piece signed by ResinDiva

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Would you like to an art piece similar to this one?

 Resindiva can custom make your dream art piece to fit the look and feel of your particular home decor.  I work with many interior designers who each have needs to create homogeneity and flow in particular ambiences.  Let’s work together and make you something special!

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